Making Comic Books Speak… New at The Huffington Post

WCR cover - finalI’ve got a piece up today at Huffington Post Books that talks about the process of creating our comic book documentary on the Warren Report…and about why I don’t call it a “graphic novel.”

Several pages of excerpts are included.

Check it out here.



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4 responses to “Making Comic Books Speak… New at The Huffington Post

  1. Aaron Purnell

    I will have to check into this graphic novel. I remember hearing about it when it first came out. Also, wanted to take the opportunity to let you know I have recenlty started buying some old DC Comics Presents online. I have purchased several written by you and I really enjoyed them. I finished the story with the Freedom Fighters last night. I thought was great! Hope to see you writing more comics.

    • Thanks on all counts, Aaron. I got my start in comics doing standalone stories, sometimes only three pages long, and that was a great training ground. And even when I moved on to ongoing series, the usual idea was to tell a complete story in one issue even when plot points were left hanging; but it seems like “writing for the trade” has made that less common in recent years.

  2. Aaron Purnell

    Meant to add that I think the one-shot stories really require a good writer. You can’t just put off until the next issue. You have to have a coherent plot and I wish more comics were stories contained to one issue.

  3. Aaron Purnell

    Thanks for the additional insight into your development as a writer, Mr. Mishkin. In my opinion the results of your experience are great. I will check out the book.

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