I’m a writer of comic books and children’s books. Among other work, I co-created the comics series Amethyst, Blue Devil, and Creeps, and it’s my hope that before I’m finished I’ll have run through the rest of the alphabet as well.


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  1. Kaleb Littau

    Greetings Dan,

    My name is Kaleb and I am a 22 year old amateur director and writer for theater and film, and as of recent, radio. I am a long time reader and fan of the Blue Devil Comic and I grew up reading it because my dad owned them.

    I had a question about the Blue Devil comic, I was wondering if it would be ok if I made an old time radio show out of it,with usage of sound effects and voice actors just like in the old days. I just would like to know what precautions I have to take to do something like that, I would do each issue as an episode and thought it would be pretty cool to hear the comic come alive.

    Please let me know what you think and if it would be ok and if you had the authority to give the ok. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Blue Devil Fan,
    Kaleb Littau

    • Hi, Kaleb,

      This sounds like a fascinating idea, but I need to tell you that I have no authority to approve it. DC Comics is the copyright holder on all the Blue Devil stories.

      Good luck, though, and thanks for being a true blue Blue Devil fan!

  2. Barry Matthews

    Dear Mr. Mishkin,
    I represent Ludington Writers, a writers group at Ludington, in west central Michigan. We sponsor writers to come to our area and give workshops and presentations at local schools. The Ludington Area Center for the Arts is planning to celebrate comics and graphic artists in the Gallery during the months of February and March. They have asked Ludington Writers to sponsor a workshop on the subject sometime during that period.
    Would you be interested in doing such a presentation at Ludington? If so, what would you require as a fee and how many students could you accommodate during a session. We envision a Friday afternoon school appearance at a local school and a workshop on Saturday at our Art Center. We would charge a fee for the workshop to defray our costs. Other details, such as lodging can be worked out if you are interested.
    Anxiously awaiting your reply.
    Barry B. Matthews, President
    Ludington Writers

  3. Hey Dan! Firstly Thank you for your amazing contribution to the literary world. Similar to someone above I would like to adapt one of your stories. I know that DC owns all copyright but could you possibly give an idea where I can get an email address or contact details for someone so that I can enquire about that? Anything would be helpful. I don’t want the mail to get lost on servers or not being the read by the right people

    • Sadly, I have no specific idea about who to contact, but my guess is you could start by finding out how to get in touch with the Rights & Permissions department at DC Entertainment (the parent company of DC Comics). Good luck!

  4. Jamie Smith

    Mr. Mishkin,

    My name is Jamie Smith, and I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in History at the University of North Florida. My thesis, titled “Agents of C.H.A.N.G.E. (Comic Heroes Advancing National Gender Equality)” is focusing on feminism and LGBT issues in comic books from the 1940s to today. I hope to eventually expand on this to cover many different social issues if I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work on a dissertation.
    I am currently interested in addressing the link between Wonder Woman and feminism. Most of the scholarship to date has focused on William Moulton Marston, but I believe that the focus should be on the various writers who have worked on the character. As a writer, I am very interested in your perspective – more specifically, how much of what you wrote was consciously aimed at advancing gender equality? What was your approach to framing the character’s role as a woman?
    I understand that your time is valuable, but I would greatly appreciate any insight that you could provide – no matter how small. An email response would be fine unless you would prefer to set up a time to speak over the phone. Thank you in advance for your time, and for your service in writing such a fascinating and important character.


    Jamie Smith
    PASS Instructor, 2018 Master’s Candidate
    University of North Florida – History Department

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